People’s policy

SENER believes in its people, acknowledges their ability to contribute, and confidently supports their performance. An example of this are its policies aimed at improving the relationship between work and family life, equal opportunities and professional development.


Recruitment policy

The best professionals in each discipline

SENER aims to attract the best professionals in each discipline. It therefore carries out a thorough selection process intended to attract talent.

SENER has relationships with universities and research centers in order to identify and attract the very best graduates, doctors, investigators and teachers.

SENER's agreements with universities are oriented towards engineering students in their final years, providing them with practical experience; a large percentage of such students subsequently join the company’s workforce.

The company also funds engineering projects and training programs through SENER Foundation scholarships which are available for Eastern European and Latin American students with high technical qualifications.


Training Policy

Ongoing training

SENER invests in ongoing training for its professionals, to enhance their skills. 

At SENER, training plans are programmed to provide professionals with the technological skills required to solve the needs of the future. The SENER training plan is divided into three main areas:

  • Specific training, which ensures that people in a specific area are able to give the best possible performance.
  • Generic training, applicable to all employees, irrespective of their job, qualification or professional category.
  • Training in skills, to improve personal abilities, teamwork and customer relations.


Professional development policy

Focused on developing capabilities and accepting growing technical responsibilities

The professional development model fostered by SENER is technically oriented, focused on developing capabilities and accepting growing technical responsibilities.

SENER has several professional development models:

  • Technical model, the main professional development model, focused on the acquisition, consolidation and improvement of know-how and experience, enabling professionals to be acknowledged as the best at their jobs.
  • Project management/Business promotion; this professional development model can be accessed once an individual's technical vocation and qualifications are consolidated.




SENER's professional history follows a system based on progressive and constant growth of job responsibilities acquired over time. In this respect, the professional career of young people at SENER has an initial step focused on training, acquisition of experience and growing responsibilities, followed by a second step focused on project management and business promotion.



Talent retention policy

Talent management as a competitive advantage

For SENER, talent management is a competitive advantage, as it motivates employees to effectively fulfill their responsibilities.

In-house promotion is a priority at SENER. It is based on performance assessments that enable us to steer each individual's professional career, detecting and solving training gaps and providing promotion opportunities.

Likewise, social advantages, formative policies, a good working environment and competitive salaries are some of the keys to retaining and motivating SENER professionals.


Equality policy

Equality, diversity and integration from a global perspective

SENER respects the principle of equality, diversity and integration from a global perspective that considers the balance between job and family, plus cultural diversity.

The company takes the necessary steps to favor a balance between work and family life and equal opportunities, paying special attention to the development of policies that contribute to equal opportunities in all company processes and activities:

  • Selection process.
  • In-house promotion.
  • Working conditions and employment.
  • Occupational health.
  • Organization of working time.
  • Conciliation.
  • Familiarly responsible.

SENER is certified as a familiarly responsible company by the Fundación másFamilia.


Salary policies and social benefits 

Improving quality of life

SENER has salary policies and social benefits aimed at improving the quality of life of SENER employees. 

The SENER salary policy is based on internal equity criteria and performance assessments:

  • Internal equity:
    • Conduct of comparative salary studies based on the sector.
  • Performance assessment:
    • Contribution to decision-making and innovation.
    • Customer-orientation.
    • Level of commitment, attitude and versatility.
    • Ability to work as part of a team.
    • Involvement in common objectives.

In relation to social benefits, SENER supports the balancing of its employees’ jobs and family lives by practices such as the Flexible Compensation Plan (FCP) or working hours that enable employees to organize their own time at work, with flexibility in starting and finishing times.


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