SENER is part of the Expert Panel that recommends to pursue the DTX program

07/11/2019 (United States)
SENER is part of the Expert Panel that recommends to pursue the DTX program

SENER has been part of an Expert Panel for the San Francisco County Transportation Authority to conduct a review of the San Francisco Downtown Extension (DTX) project.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority trusted SENER to take part in a selective panel of experts to conduct a review of Caltrain Downtown Rail Extension (DTX) best practices, assist in the review and evaluation of alternative governance and oversight arrangements for management and delivery of the international mega rail project.

The panel was comprised of 10 experts with local, national and international experience in mega-rail projects engineering, funding and project delivery.

Construction of the DTX, an approximately 2-mile underground rail tunnel, will extend the Caltrain rail line into the heart of San Francisco’s new downtown and accommodate California’s High-Speed Rail service to connect mega-regions of the state, contributing to further economic development and a cleaner environment.

The services carried out by SENER, as part of the Expert Panel, have included: review and evaluate alternative governance and oversight possibilities for the management and delivery of the DTX; evaluate and advise the Authority on DTX’s current funding plan, program delivery strategies and existing organizational structure within the TJPA; advise the Authority of a recommended implementation approach, for the 2016 estimated $4 billion tunnel program, that could be implemented expeditiously and efficaciously; recommend a DTX rail program delivery organization to advance the DTX program; interview and engage DTX stakeholders; and research national and international mega-program case studies to identify best practices and lessons learned that might inform the Expert Panel in framing its DTX recommendations.

Download the full report and Expert Panel recommendations here.

Local experience in mega-rail projects

This work becomes SENER’s third participation in a mega-rail project in the USA. Over the last decade, SENER has expanded its activity in the US considerably, directing noteworthy Infrastructure and Transport projects. These include the Gruen/Grimshaw Master Plan high-speed design for the Los Angeles Union Station, and a partnership with ACS to develop the first P3 transit project in Los Angeles—the re-opening of the landmark Angels Flight funicular railway in Los Angeles. For the California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA), SENER has overseen the preliminary engineering of the rail segment between Palmdale and Burbank, a section that crosses the San Gabriel Mountains. Recently, the CHSRA approved an extension to this contract. In addition, SENER is also integrally involved in construction projects for the CP2&3 and CP4 sections, currently underway in California’s Central Valley. In fact, SENER’s high-speed rail expertise made such a profound impression on CHSRA that they expressed their appreciation in an article on their website, citing the SENER engineers’ global renown in high-speed rail.

In total, SENER has developed studies and railway projects that total more than 15,000 km, as well as important passenger stations and railway terminals, which makes the company one of the world's leading engineering companies in this sector. SENER has also earned a strong international reputation for designing and supplying intelligent transport systems that incorporate high-tech solutions.


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