SENER wins a new contract for the dynamic supervision of ADIF Alta Velocidad projects

11/09/2019 (Spain)
SENER wins a new contract for the dynamic supervision of ADIF Alta Velocidad projects

SENER has been awarded a contract, for the second time in a row, for the dynamic preliminary engineering and detailed design supervision of ADIF Alta Velocidad (AV) projects. Of all the companies that participated in this tender, SENER deserved the highest technical score rating.

The contract, for a total amount of 2.7 million euros, will take place over 30 months, and SENER, within its scope, will be responsible for supervising high-speed rail projects in Spain that are submitted by third-party companies to ADIF AV during this period.

In the words of Jesús Planchuelo, SENER's Railway Director, "It's great news that ADIF AV has once again trusted in our knowledge and extensive experience in the field of high-speed rail, in which we are internationally also a benchmark”. He added, "In a special way, we are really very satisfied to have been provided with the highest technical rating among all the companies bidding for this important contract."

The work SENER has carried out in the previous similar contract for the dynamic supervision of ADIF AV projects (starting 2017, with termination expected in 2020) has seen it involved, among others, in projects design relating to the Palencia-Aguilar de Campoo and Murcia-Almería high-speed lines, the high-speed railway's integration in Vitoria city and the enlargement and refurbishment of the Chamartín station in Madrid, one of the most important rail stations in Spain.

In addition to the significant contribution to the design and the technological input in large high-speed line projects in Spain, in terms of engineering, SENER has left its stamp in the high-speed cross-border railway line between Spain and France, Figueras-Perpignan; the engineering and environmental studies conducted on the Burbank-Palmdale section, which links San Francisco with Los Angeles (USA); the design, construction and commissioning of the London-Birmingham high-speed line (HS2 project); and the high-speed networks in Portugal and Poland.

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