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Costa Argel Costa Argel
Costa Argel
Costa Argel
  • Country: Algeria
  • Start date: 2014
  • Ending date: 2016
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General objectives of the action and contribution to sustainable development. 

Bad el Oued 

The recovery project of the beach and pools of Bab El Oued and promenade Boulevard Abderrahmane Mira fits in the greater development of the Bay of Algiers. 

The area of the project is limited by the Ferhani stadium to the West, by the urban fabric to the South of Boulevard Abderrahmane Mira- and by the pools El Kettani to the East. 

The key objectives, following the ideas contained in Mission 1: overall reflection of the Bay of Algiers, are as follows: 

  • Recovery of the coastline, with the creation of a continuous promenade.
  • Improve the transverse accessibility to the Boulevard Abderrahmane Mira and the beach of Bab El Oued;
  • Facilitate the connections with the arteries between the population of Bab El Oued and the new equipment of the coastline.
  • Create a diversity of environments, highlighting the existing potential of each site to define its specific character. 

Taking into account the objectives mentioned before, the project offers a series of public spaces along the Boulevard Abderrahmane Mira connected between them that facilitate the access to the beach and pools El Kettani and to the new natural swimming pools of the centre of the District of Bab El Oued. 

Through the garden Abderrahmane Taleb, it is connected the city centre, the Casbah and the port with the beach on one side and with the garden of Prague and the Martyrs square on the other. 

The sinuous forms of the language used are inspired in the trace leaving water in the sand of coastline, consequences of the tides or the mouths of the rivers.  

Les Sablettes 

The promenade consists of various spaces where the following areas are distinguish:

  • La Perle Ouest» between the West closure dike and the West Pier.
  • La Grande Plage» between the West Pier and the East Pier.
  • Perle Est' between the East Pier and the East closure dyke with a Marina in front of the future Museum of Africa.

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