Benedicta Park, Portugalete

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parque la benedicta parque la benedicta parque la benedicta
parque la benedicta
parque la benedicta
parque la benedicta
  • Client: SURPOSA
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2010
  • Ending date: 2011
  • Investment: 6.600.000 €
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Benedicta Park in Portugalete, Spain.

La Benedicta is a new urban regeneration landscaping project in Portugalete close to Bilbao in Spain. The project aims to recover and regenerate the land around the Benedicta docks on the border between Sestao and Portugalete. This abandoned area once served as a work space for the loading and transport of coal.

Due to its prime location in front of the Bilbao estuary, the City Council sought to reincorporate these lands into the urban fabric as a park that would also connect the urban center of Portugalete with the area of the pier.

The park is structured through a series of platforms that bridge the gap between the high urban area and the river docks. These platforms intertwine with each other through different systems of stairs, ramps and, at strategic points, elevators, which streamline pedestrian traffic in the area.

Its design is based on the idea of having different areas for children, sports or others. We have designed a service road, reinforcement structures, gardens, facilities, lighting and others.

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