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Boroa Boroa
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2002
  • Ending date: 2004
  • Investment: 900.000 €
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Boroa Offices in Amorebieta, Biscay (Spain).

The Combined Cycle Plant of Amobiereta included in its functional programme the location of an Administrative Building. The access and office control building is located at the south-west end of the plot, at +120m, at the property boundary, at an optimum point to favour its view from the outside in order to acquire greater representativeness.

It is accessed from the main entrance to the plant, which in general implementation has been called the "administrative axis" that separates the production area from where the buildings with the highest occupancy are located.

The access control and office building acquires by its location and function a special importance in the implementation of the whole. This intentionally sought importance is enhanced both in terms of interior spatial quality and external visual representativeness. It is therefore a matter of combining both aspects in this building, while hosting a programme of needs clearly defined in the requirements of the client.

Formally, the building is solved in two differentiated volumes that adapt to the geometry marked by the boundaries of the plot, and between which emerges an interstitial space of double height that acts as vestibule and distributor, allowing the global perception of the building, their levels and uses. From this space, access is provided to the entire programme.

On the ground floor, facilities with greater needs for accessibility and mobility are placed, such as the access control room, auditorium, reception room for visitors, the canteen and locker rooms with direct access from the outside and finally a space available for electrical and HVAC installations. On the first floor, all the administrative needs of the building, technical offices, production, offices and meeting rooms are located.

  • Scope:
  • Conceptual Design
  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design

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