Burgos Railway Station

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Estación de Burgos Estación de Burgos Estación de Burgos
Estación de Burgos
Estación de Burgos
Estación de Burgos
  • Client: ADIF
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2001
  • Ending date: 2004
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RENFE awarded SENER with the realisation of a new Railway Station, within the construction Project for the North-Northeast High Speed Corridor.

The new station includes all existing lines and the new high speed railway line. It was also foreseen to search certain inter-modality with buses and taxis.

The project for the new station includes:

  • Building, with all different spaces for railway use and for information and services to customers.
  • Accesses to platforms and link corridors among platforms.
  • Structure, pavement and platforms.
  • Station’s installations (lighting, PA system, signalling, security elements, etc).
  • Access roads.
  • Area urban planning.

This lobby is placed at the same level as the entourage of the main entrance. To achieve this functional scheme we take advantage of the light slope of the field towards the city. To make the platforms a much nicer waiting place, we have placed roofs in different levels to protect the passengers. The north façade has a glass closing on low side and one of slats on the top side to protect from the weather’s harshness. 

The roof on different levels covering the central part of the platforms is integrated with the volume of the lobby creating one and only ensemble. 

Both sides of the lobby building, and with longitudinal distribution scheme, there are two platforms for parking of private vehicles, taxis (arrivals) and regular buses.

In the lobby, both sides of the lower level, there are different business premises devoted to the station exploitation (ticket office, information desk, VIP room, etc.), shops, cafeteria and other services.

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