Santiago de Chile Metro - line 5 Maipú

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Metro de Santiago de Chile - línea 5 Maipú Metro de Santiago de Chile - línea 5 Maipú Metro de Santiago de Chile - línea 5 Maipú
Metro de Santiago de Chile - línea 5 Maipú
Metro de Santiago de Chile - línea 5 Maipú
Metro de Santiago de Chile - línea 5 Maipú
  • Client: Metro de Santiago S.A.
  • Country: Chile
  • Start date: 2006
  • Ending date: 2008
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Preliminary engineering for the metro line and detailed design for roller tracks in the extension of line 5 of the metropolitan network system in Santiago de Chile.

SENER developed the preliminary and detailed engineering, as well as the architecture, equipping the stations, functional and operational studies, basic system projects and the detailed project for pneumatic roller tracks, for the Line 5 extension of Santiago de Chile’s metro, running from “Quinta Normal”, an existing station, to “Plaza Maipú”, a new station. The new section, about 14 km long, includes a 3.5 km long viaduct, and will incorporate 10 new stations.

The studies performed indicated that headway will have to be less than 120 seconds (during morning peak hours) and it will be necessary to have a total fleet of at least 48 trains, each one with an average capacity of 1,000 passengers.

Due to the great experience of SENER in designing underground systems, some technological innovations were proposed like the implementation of a multiservice network based on Gigabit Ethernet and IP communication technologies that support all communication, signaling, automatic driving and command systems.

Within the contract SENER carried out the following:

  • Planning studies.
  • Functional studies.
  • Exploitation studies.
  • Station equipment.
  • Pneumatic roller tracks.
  • Electrification system.
  • ATP/ATC/ATO signaling system.
  • Automatic driving system.
  • Operation and supervision control system.
  • Telecommunication system.
  • Tolls System.
  • Environmental Impact Studies. 

Regarding architecture and landscape, SENER services included design of stations and platform equipment, station adaption, design of overhead line and other rail equipment such as transformer stations, architectural design of highway and pedestrian bridges, architectural input to control center design, landscape adaption of stations and rail and station urban areas.

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