Fonte Nova Stadium

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Estadio Fonte Nova Estadio Fonte Nova Estadio Fonte Nova
Estadio Fonte Nova
Estadio Fonte Nova
Estadio Fonte Nova
  • Client: Odebrecht
  • Country: Brazil
  • Start date: 2010
  • Ending date: 2013
  • Investment: 7.010.057,10 €
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Fonte Nova Stadium in Salvador, Bahía (Brazil). 

The Project of Fonte Nova Arena Stadium, has been carried out by SENER Setepla Tecnometal Engenharia and the architects Tetraarq Projetos and Schulitz Architects. It was classified by the Government of the Estado de Bahía like the best architectonic solution for the updating of the old Fonte Nova Stadium (Octávio Mangabeira), in the city of Salvador.

The solution displayed maintains the same architecture that the former one, preserving the horseshoe design and the opening for the Dock of Tororó like a tribute to the old stadium. The project contemplates all the demanding requirements applicable to a stadium in order to hold any kind of event and competition.

The main characteristics of the stadium are:

  • The proximity between the seats and the field, which optimizes to the maximum the conditions of visibility
  • The extension and improvement of the facilities for the press
  • The creation of a VIP area and private box seats
  • The creation of a restaurant
  • A museum and a multifunctional hall.

A newness in the Brazilian stadiums is the construction of parkings inside.

Another important characteristic is the sight metallic cover that protects all the seats. The cover itself is covered by a membrane and it leans in the outer pillars, trying not to restrain the visibility.

The stadium of Fonte Nova will be equipped with important technological resources  making off it a modern, safe, comfortable and sustainable structure.


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