Hanoi Metro Line 3

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  • Client: Hanoi Metropolitan Rail Transport Project Board (HRB)
  • Country: Viet Nam
  • Start date: 2012
  • Ending date: 2013
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SENER has performed Independent Checking Engineering Services (ICE) for Hanoi Metro Line 3. Services within the contract covered the review of the design documents and tender documents of metro line 3 in Hanoi. The line is 12 km long, of which 4 km are underground.

Services include technical design review, budget and tender documentation for the underground section (4 km double tube with 4 stations) and the set of line-level electromechanical systems, signaling, telecommunications, track and power systems.

SENER developed its services focused on two main objectives.

Objective 1: Verifi cation of the Tender Design (TD) and Cost Estimates for the Civil Works.

  • Verification and assessment of TD in comparison with the basic design and other relevant documents already approved
  • Verification and assessment of structural solutions for the Civil Works
  • Verification and assessment of the compliance of applicable codes and standards
  • Verification and assessment of the Safety of the Works
  • Verification and assessment of alternatives and designs of technologies, vehicles, and systems for the Project
  • Verification and assessment of the compliance of the TD with regulations on environment protection, FPF, safety and security
  • Verification and assessment of detailed cost estimates of each sections of works, each Package, and total estimated cost of the Project (cost of land acquisition and resettlement, expenses for the operation of HRB, and some
    other expenses as instructed by HRB, are excluded)

Objective 2: Appraisal of Tendering Documents

  • Appraisal of Dossiers of Pre-qualification for the different Packages
  • Appraisal of Basic Designs for the different Packages

The disciplines included in the scope of the Independent Checker have been: Underground sections (tunnel and 4 stations), structures, architectural finishes, low voltage and plumbing, transition ramp (underground section) from elevated to underground section, railway systems, rolling stock, signaling system, telecom, OCC/SCADA, power supply, depot equipment, E&M systems and environmental Control System (ECS). In addition, HVAC, tunnel ventilation, dewatering, firefighting & fire alarm systems, elevators and escalators, track works and ticketing system – AFC.

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