Hospital Burns Unit (Oran, Algeria)

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  • Country: Algeria
  • Start date: 2007
  • Ending date: 2007
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Hospital Burns Unit in Oran, Algeria.

The Burns Unit is part of the hospital complex on a large plot of land where the oncology hospital is located, in an area where the adjacent buildings are developed at a high altitude, showing a high urban density.

Burying part of the building in the ground and creating courtyards for ventilation and lighting provides greater climatic comfort to the building and at the same time saves energy in hot climates.

The architecture of the building complex is conceived in terms of absolute contemporaneity, but integrating features of oriental architectures in keeping with the adaptation of the place itself.

The construction has two very different parts. The first, a large, U-shaped, single-storey platform facing east, south and west. The second is made up of three parallel buildings that act as a bridge between the East and West zones on three levels.

The materials used for the construction of the hospital are highly resistant and durable, in order to provide minimum maintenance during the building life cycle.

For both the interior façades of the courtyards and the exterior façades facing the street, prefabricated concrete was proposed, due to the speed with which this material can be assembled during construction.

The concrete facades will be combined with a series of slats of the same material to protect the interior of the building from the high temperatures outside.

In the hospital units, the prefabricated concrete will be combined with the coloured HPL (High Pressure Laminated) lining material, forming a gradient, in order to give movement and colour to the building.

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