Lodgements for People with psychic disabilities, in Barakaldo

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Barakaldo Barakaldo Barakaldo
  • Client: BIDEAK
  • Start date: 2005
  • Ending date: 2007
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The purpose of the Project is the construction of a Residence for people with psychic disabilities in Barakaldo.

The tender documentation describes the need of approx. 60 places available for the Residence. It has to be highlight as main parts: A residential area, organized in 5 modules of coexistence that have the independent minimum services for each one (kitchen, living, office) of which 4 are the same and the fifth is dedicated to people who requires a special attention; Besides, an a general services area, where staff locker rooms, kitchen, laundry, warehouse, technical rooms, etc. are located. In general they are spaces for the use and supply of the whole residence.

The path through the site makes clear its potential and the need to find a solution that suits the unique orography of the place, trying to organize the different elements in an orderly, clear and simple way, facilitating to the users the orientation in their day to day.

One of the main purposes was to achieve that each of the homes could enjoy the advantages of the place equally. Rooms located at ground floor are organized with identically configuration in all cases, with views to the garden placed between the residential modules. The living areas located on the access level have large terraces from which to enjoy the privileged views of the residence.

  • Scope:
  • Conceptual Design. Geotechnical Report
  • Preliminary and Detailed Design of architecture, structures and facilities
  • Urbanization and Access Project
  • Management and Supervision Site Project. Construction Waste Management Study
  • Teams coordination. Health and Safety.

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