Muelle Prat Container Terminal, Barcelona

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edificio-nueva-terminar-tercat-puerto-prat edificio-nueva-terminar-tercat-puerto-prat edificio-nueva-terminar-tercat-puerto-prat.
  • Client: TERCAT, Terminal Catalunya SA
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2008
  • Ending date: 2012
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This project is part of the commission received by Sener from TERCAT Company (Terminal Catalunya SA), to carry out the work of “Developing and Technical Assistance Project /Construction Management in Buildings of the New Container Terminal in Muelle Prat”. These buildings are located within the Project Terminal Muelle Prat, commissioned to International Consultancy, which has solved the urbanization of the set.

The project buildings are the hub of the future Terminal Muelle Prat, and they are designed to accommodate both the majority of their workers and the various equipment and systems and government control of the terminal. These buildings will be visible from the main external road (Vial Prat) so it has been sought to enhance with the proposed design the corporate image of the company. Specifically the project consists of five buildings:

  • Parking (21.550 m²): Estimated capacity of 674 places distributed in 5 floors, the ground floor being restricted access for Tercat's own personnel and the rest of plants for free access for port personnel.
  • Offices (5.900 m²): It constitutes the core of the Terminal and is located next to the parking lot. With a height of six floors in height will house the central services and most of the computer associated with the Terminal.
  • Workshop (4.610 m²): Aimed at the maintenance of the heavy machinery of the port operation, ASCs, reach stackers, etc., is configured by the repair boxes themselves, warehouse and offices.
  • Technical (900 m²): Located in an area contiguous to the workshop and as a building attached to it, it is distributed in three floors, hosting the central archive of the company (two floors) and computer reservation system (a plant).
  • CFS (3.150 m²): Located in an isolated area, it lodges the works of groupage of merchandise to be provided by Tercat, but above all it is the area of inspection and control of merchandise. It consists of a total of 52 parking positions of platforms divided into two loading docks located on both sides of the building.
  • Scope:
  • Conceptual Design
  • Geotechnical Report
  • Preliminary Design of Architecture, Structures and Facilities
  • Detailed Design of Architecture, Structures and Facilities
  • Urbanization and Access Project
  • Site Supervision, Team coordination. Health and safety

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