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SENER Infraestructuras y transporte Metro de Panamá Línea 1 SENER Infraestructuras y transporte Metro de Panamá Línea 1
SENER Infraestructuras y transporte Metro de Panamá Línea 1
SENER Infraestructuras y transporte Metro de Panamá Línea 1
  • Client: Consorcio Línea Uno
  • Country: Panama
  • Start date: 2010
  • Ending date: 2014
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SENER has participated in all stages of the project from since the initial design until
construction supervision, carrying out the detailed design.

The Panama metro is conceived as a High Capacity Mass Transport System with conventional metro type trains and steel wheels with a maximum of 5 carriages, for an approximate length of 91 m (298 feet) and a width of 2,71 m (9 feet), and a maximum estimated capacity of 39,000 passengers per hour.

From March 2010 to September 2010, SENER worked with the Line One Consortium, giving technical assistance and preparing the technical documentation in the tender process where the Consortium was awarded to design and build the Panama Metro Line 1, located in Panama city. In December 2010, SENER signed with the Consortium the contract for the basic and detailed design.

SENER has been carrying out the detailed design of the 7,1 km double track tunnel, as well as seven metro stations, including the associated ventilation and emergency rescue shafts. SENER has been working with the Consortium in all stages of the project:

  • Phase I: Preparation of design bases: SENER, in coordination with the client, prepared for all the different specialties, the design bases upon which to develop future design, apart from developing all the different specifications to carry out the field works: topography, geological investigation, hydrology studies, buildings inventory, etc.
  • Phase II: Basic design: Once the design bases were approved by the client, SENER prepared the basic design. The main purpose of this phase was to identify and solve all the different interfaces and necessities of design between all the disciplines and stakeholders.
  • Phase III: Detailed design: SENER carried out the detailed design of the Panama Metro Line 1 that includes the following civil, architectural and auxiliary systems designs:
    • 7.1 km double-track TBM tunnel.
    • 8 underground stations.
    • Depots and stabling areas.
    • The associated ventilation and emergency rescue shafts.
    • Auxiliary systems of the trenches. 
  • Phase IV: Technical support to the construction: Under a D&B contract, SENER has been supporting the construction Consortium from the beginning.

The line started commercial operation in April 2014.

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