Vew railway station in Zarautz

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Nueva estación de tren de Zarautz
Nueva estación de tren de Zarautz
  • Client: ETS
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2019
  • Ending date: 2019
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SENER is responsible for the basic and construction project for a new railway station in Zarautz. The proposal must resolve the north-south connection of the city and lay out the station. To achieve this, the plan is to transform the surface of the square in front of the current station so that, in the most natural way possible, it redirects the current surface traffic and guides it to the elevation needed so it can pass under the track. Pedestrians, accessible paths and bike come together in a new landscaped square that extends south, where it blends into the future Santa Clara park.

The program for the station is similar to the one in place, from a thru-traffic station (Bilbao-Donostia), with access from the new underpass.

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