Remodeling of Casa Cisco

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Casa Cisco Casa Cisco
Casa Cisco
Casa Cisco
  • Client: ESEF S.A.
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2008
  • Ending date: 2009
  • Investment: 1.800.000 €
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Remodeling of Casa Cisco in Getxo, Biscay (Spain).

The Cisco House of Las Arenas (Getxo) was in a state of abandon, which is why the remodeling was initiated.

Both the building and the plot are protected as “listed” elements in article 11.2.1 of P.G.O.U. Of Getxo (section 4).

As it is a listed building it is not possible to make modifications on its exterior appearance, so the project is only concerned with conditioning the interior with the same administrative use and the same occupancy (no more than 100 people).

The organizational structure of the building is respected, maintaining the original distribution spaces and the vertical communication elements. The modifications foreseen in the project for a hotel complex presented in March 2007 in the town hall of Getxo are maintained, but has been adapted to the administrative use.

The proposed distribution aims to organize the work places, giving a greater sense of spaciousness in the floors, achieving at the same time a more diaphanous and comfortable space for the employees.

  • Scope:
  • Remodeling Project
  • Obtaining statutory approvals from authorities having jurisdiction
  • Management and administration of building contracts
  •  Site supervision.

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