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Gradas de estadio Gradas de estadio Gradas de estadio
Gradas de estadio
Gradas de estadio
Gradas de estadio
  • Client: SENER
  • Country: International
  • Start date: 2016
  • Ending date: 2016
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Study and combined analysis of the definition of the design of stands for sports stadiums.

SENER carried out a combined analysis of the various aspects and parameters that determine the design of the stands. In this way the relation between stand access points and corridors, their widths and inclinations was studied alongside how these characteristics influence in egress, visuals and spectator’s comfort. In order to achieve this the parameters were interlinked in various parametric design applications as well as smoke and persons movement simulators. This coordination sprang from an analysis of the configuration of sectors within existing stadiums and from mandatory international regulations. The study also took advantage of the opportunity to produce studies on roof slopes and materials in order to comprehend the incidence of glare during the game (tv cameras) and rain on spectators according to the wind.

  • Scope:
  • Design analysis


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