Urbanization and Housing Project in Vega Galindo (Sestao)

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proyecto urbanizacion vega galindo
proyecto urbanizacion vega galindo
  • Client: VISESA
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2005
  • Investment: 57.000.000 €
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Urbanization and Housing Project in Vega Galindo, Sestao, Biscay (Spain).

The Vega Galindo project was carried out as part of an Agreement between the Department of Housing and Social Affairs of the Basque Government and the City of Sestao. Signed in April 2005, the aim of this agreement was the social and urban regeneration of several areas of the municipality.

The objectives of the Works were:

  • Respond to the demand for housing in the area, with the development of 1,350 new homes as follows: 135 social housing units, 405 subsidized homes, 405 protected homes and 405 free homes.
  • Regenerate a very deteriorated neighborhood of the municipality, containing housing blocks and unused factory buildings in poor condition.
  • Facilitate the connection of the current and future transport infrastructures in the area: metro, train, tram, Baionti junction.
  • Redevelop the entire area according to the urban structure determined in the Government General Plan of Sestao, connecting it with the current town centre, the river docks, and the Urban Galindo in Baracaldo.
  • Enable residential relocation and facilitate industrial transfers.

The public company VISESA was declared as the beneficiary of the works. VISESA will manage and urbanize the land, and also be responsible for developing the protected and subsidized housing units, and auctioning off the free housing plots. The company Sestao Berri 2010 will be responsible for the management of the rehousing process.

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